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Writing SBG tests

October 7, 2011

I’m giving out the second round of tests for the year and I find that my first test is probably too short. Kids are handing it in 20 minute in to a 20 minute period. I’m not a priori opposed to this, but it does raise some questions for me. Are the tests challenging enough? Am I wasting there time? They aren’t hitting full mastery on the ones I have so far, so maybe I need to stress the importance of careful work? I’m not sure yet.

I am pretty sure that the tests are so short because I’m trying not to double test them on the objectives too much. I watched enough courtroom dramas as a kid to know that double jeopardy is a Bad Thing. What’s the collective take on this? If you use SBG do you test the same standard with multiple questions on a given assessment? Why am I troubled by this, should I just relax and let the standard for mastery be getting it right several times on a single test? Sounds masterful…

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  1. October 11, 2011 12:53 am

    I use SBG, and I do test the same concept multiple times on an assessment, and in order to show mastery, a student must get each question correct—I just do a sort of mental average of the scores on individual assessments to put them in activegrade. The only thing that counts for me is mastery, so I’m not too concerned about my mental average being perfect. AG does not allow you to enter multiple scores on the same concept for a single assessment.

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